What We Do

RKC Group provides applied research, program evaluation, performance measurement, and related training and technical assistance services to public, private and nonprofit organizations with a focus on public safety issuesOur services are delivered across the United States, and our clients have been located in states geographically ranging from Alaska to Florida, and from New York to California.  

Consulting services delivered by RKC Group are designed to be responsive to client needs. Tailored services are developed in close collaboration with clients and delivered by individuals or teams assembled to meet project specifications. RKC Group has the capacity to deploy experienced methodological and subject matter experts to ensure that the right skill sets and staffing levels are brought to every job.

RKC Group Leadership

RKC Group was founded and is directed by Roger Przybylski, an experienced research and evaluation consultant who has delivered consulting services in 45 states and the District of Columbia.

Prior to forming RKC Group in 1997, Mr. Przybylski held research and management positions in government agencies at both the state and local levels. He has served as president of a national professional association, held faculty appointments in academia, staffed executive and legislative branch government commissions, and authored an extensive list of reports and publications. 

RKC Group

Consulting Services