Consulting Project Examples

  • Research on evidence-based recidivism reduction and risk-focused prevention programs for the Colorado Department of Public Safety
  • Review of the scientific literature and project management services for the U.S. Department of Justice SMART Office.
  • Plenary presentation on implementation science at the U.S. Department of Justice and National Criminal Justice Association sponsored Executive Session on Evidence-Based Programming
  • Implementation and performance measurement technical assistance for the Tennessee Targeted Community Crime Reduction Project
  • Multi-jurisdictional Task Force performance measurement and evidence-based practice technical assistance for the Institute of Intergovernmental Research
  • Outcome evaluation of the Tennessee 16th Judicial District Drug Court
  • Webinar on implementation science for the National Criminal Justice Association
  • Training on evidence-based policy and practice for criminal justice policymaking bodies such as the Nebraska Crime Commission, the Delaware Criminal Justice Council, the North Carolina Governor's Crime Commission and the Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice

RKC Group's project portfolio spans an array of topics and time-frames, from training workshops lasting less than a day to large scale research projects spanning multiple years. Clients of RKC Group have included government agencies at the federal, state and local levels, non-profit organizations, academic institutions and private companies.

Examples of Client Organizations

Performance Vistas, Inc.

University of Wisconsin, Child Welfare Training Partnership

West Virginia Department of Justice and Community Services

Institute for Intergovernmental Research

Arizona State University, Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy

Delaware Criminal Justice Council

National Criminal Justice Association

Colorado Department of Public Safety

Nebraska Crime Commission

North Carolina Governor's Crime Commission

Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council

Tennessee Office of Criminal Justice Programs

Arnold and Porter LLP/Colorado Lawyers Committee

Booz Allen Hamilton

California Council on Criminal Justice

Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition

Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts

Erie County, New York, Probation Department

Colorado Judicial Branch

National Institute of Corrections

Alaska Department of Corrections

Institute for Law and Justice

Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts

RKC Group

Consulting Services