RKC Group conducts applied research on criminal and juvenile justice and other public safety issues. We also conduct process, outcome and economic evaluations of public-safety programs. Our services in these areas span the entire research and evaluation continuum, from study conceptualization and design, to data collection and analysis, and user-friendly reporting of findings.

RKC Group also provides training and technical assistance services related to evidence-based policy and practice, program evaluation, performance measurement and implementation science. audiences for real-world application.

Examples of Training and Technical Assistance Work 

  • Multiple 1.5 hour workshops on evidence-based practice for the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts
  • Plenary presentation on evidence-based practice and implementation science at the U.S. Department of Justice and National Criminal Justice Association sponsored Executive Session on Evidence-Based Policy and Practice
  • Implementation and performance measurement technical assistance for the Tennessee Targeted Community Crime Reduction project

Examples of Applied Research and Evaluation Work

  • An analysis of prison population growth and associated costs in Colorado for Arnold and Porter LLP
  • An outcome evaluation of the Tennessee 16th Judicial District drug court
  • An evaluability assessment of a holistic, community revitalization program in the Bronx, New York
  • Research on sentencing policy for drug offenders for the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition
  • Applied Research

  • Program Evaluation

  • Performance Measurement

  • Cost-benefit Analysis

  • Strategic Planning

  • Evidence-based Policy and Practice

  • Implementation Science

  • Training and Technical Assistance

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